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Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) was founded in 1989. The aim of the company was to take advantage of the growing demand in monolithic based products using Hybrid MIC/MMIC technology (Microwave Integrated Circuits and Monolithics Microwave Integrated Circuits). In the past several years PMI has gained a worldwide reputation for their multi-module integration skill and microwave system design focused on EW, RWR, ECM, ELINT, SIGINT and C4ISR RF equipment.

PMI is now being directing into the 21st Century by expanding the applications of RF/Microwave components and subsystems into new, low cost, RF/Microwave receiving and transmitting systems for both civilian and military customers.

Thanks to their many years of high-level design and engineering and manufacturing skills, they are providing a wide variety of hybrid MIC/MMIC microwave components and subsystems including:

  • switched filter banks
  • switch matrices
  • filters
  • limiters
  • threshold detectors
  • phase shifters and modulators
  • frequency discriminators
  • specialized amplifiers such as SDLVA’s, IF/RF Log amplifiers, passive components, and receiver front ends

PMI offers its unique DC to 40 GHz products for applications in space, military, communications (Terrestrial, Satellite, and Mobile-Radio), telecommunications, navigation, marine and consumer electronics …


pmi2Since April 2010, PMI and AmpliTech are collaborating and have announced the collaboration of their combined product offering, engineering skills and marketing efforts. The companies will retain independent and independently run the administrative and production facilities. Nevertheless, they will share a combined manufacturer’s representative sales force, marketing effort and will direct future engineering requirements to the facility best suited to achieve a particular customer’s requirement.



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