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Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group Company (WTG)*, founded in 1949, designs and manufactures high-performance passive RF and Microwave components such as dividers, directional couplers and filters. These components are generally:

      • Broadband – to allow future upgrades of enhanced wireless services
      • Low Loss – to increase signal strength for improved coverage
      • Low PIM – to minimize interference and improve system performance

Their components are used in commercial applications such as cellular telephone towers, base stations, In-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), wireless LAN service for railway and so on.

With over 50 years of experience Microlab has developed an extraordinary reputation for delivering quality products with unsurpassed reliability and immediate availability. Their products are produced utilizing the latest technologies, advanced systems and unique manufacturing techniques. Microlab has worked hard to create a valued product and respected name.





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(*) We also distribute the Boonton and Noisecom products.