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Microlab terminations are low and medium power coaxial loads, which operate from DC to up to 18 GHz. Higher powers have cooling fins help to minimize temperature rise of the resistive film terminating element, contained within a carefully matched coaxial housing.
Those products are designed for high reliability and extreme environments. Microlab offers a wide choice of connector and waveguide interfaces. Standard connectors are SMA, N and 7-16 mm DIN, male or female. Higher powers, VSWR requirements, different connectors or other special specifications may be available to special order.
As far as the low PIM terminations are concerned, the demands for low PIM products in wireless systems have generated the need for a new class of product to absorb RF power without reflecting or adding PIM to the signal.
Microlab offers 698 – 2700 MHz low PIM attenuators and terminations from 10W to 100W in convenient moisture sealed packages, similar to those used in conventional resistive attenuators and loads. A frequent application is terminating the load port of a hybrid combiner when adding two RF signals at a radio base station, so an integrated package of hybrid and low PIM load is also offered.

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