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The innovative RF power switch from HUBER+SUHNER sets new standards and is the simplest solution for switching between two RF channels.
The RF power switch family is a new product group designed for applications in mobile radio base stations. Thanks to the “Plug and Play” concept, switching is done automatically as soon as the mating connector is plugged in. RF power switch connectors are used for combining two transmit signals (TX) to increase the coverage of the mobile radio base station.
In addition, they simplify the installation of modules and the cabling of base stations. The RF power switch replaces electronically controlled RF relays and allows simplified PCB layouts with a more compact design. This ultimately produces appreciable cost reductions.
The RF power switch family is based on a modular design and consists of a mechanical switch and a selectable interface. The RF power switch family is available with QN, QMA, N, TNC or SMA interfaces. In addition to the PCB switches the new RF power switch adaptor has been developed.
RF power switch applications combine TX signals, terminate unused ports and switch between internal and external antenna. They can be used in test and measurement and for applications up to 100 W.
The power switch possesses several features such as mechanically switched, easy to handle, excellent electrical and mechanical performance, round body shape for RF shielding and pick & place capable.
Those power switch applications also offer many benefits such as replacing RF relays, fewer components needed, compact design, simplifying PCB layout, reducing total costs of ownership and no electrical control needed.