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Lightning/EMP protectors (HUBER+SUHNER)

HUBER+SUHNER’s high quality Lightning/EMP Protection components are available for applications in the frequency range from DC to 18 GHz. Many of their patented products have set world-wide industry standards. Their product portfolio includes protectors for almost every RF application such as all mobile communications systems and bands (GSM 900/1800, UMTS/3G, TDMA, CDMA …), wireless broadband access systems, radars, CATV and video surveillance … HUBER+SUHNER also offers data line protectors for applications like high speed data transmission from 2 to 155 Mbit/s according to ITU-T G.703 on coax. As far as the protection technologies are concerned, HUBER+SUHNER offers:
• quarter-wave shorting stub (also available with additional high-pass filter)
• gas discharge tube GDT (also available with additional high-pass filter/DC block)
• hybrid Fine Protectors (with DC bypass, for sensitive electronics)
Their lightning protectors possess some specialities such as decoupled gas tube protectors for high RF CW and peak power and low passive intermodulation and broadband quarter-wave and decoupled gas tube protectors covering a wide range of RF communication frequencies.
Only very reliable protectors can safely protect vulnerable, expensive and important electronic equipment, thus preventing down-time connected with loss of revenue and even loss of reputation in today’s competitive environment. HUBER+SUHNER has both the long-term RF and protection experience and know how to provide leading edge designs and solutions. Extensive test facilities enable to verify precisely all protection and RF specifications including passive intermodulation.
Most of these products come along with a 10 years warranty.

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