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Frequency meters (Microlab) – OBSOLETE

Microlab 3301A and 3303A coaxial frequency meters are broad-band devices covering all frequencies from 0.96 to 12.4 GHz. They combine the highest “Q” attainable with an expanded frequency scale that eliminates reading errors. The cast base provides stable bench mounting. Connectors are Type N female.
Coaxial frequency meters are used whenever a fast, accurate and self-contained measurement of frequency is required without any external source of power. The meters contain a coaxial transmission line coupled to a quarter-wavelength coaxial cavity. When tuned to resonance, the cavity absorbs a portion of the signal passing through the transmission line, causing a dip to appear. The dial indicates the frequency at which this dip occurs.
Spurious-free tuning over the full frequency ranges is accomplished by capacitive loading of the tuning element at the lower frequencies for each band. The high resolution scale of the dial permits accurate reading of small frequency differences. Individually calibrated and marked readouts that provide a typical 0.01% accuracy are available upon special request.