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The 4500C, Boonton Next Generation Peak Power Analyzer

mei 9th, 2018 | | Tags:

The Most Capable Peak Power Meter in a Compact, Lightweight Package. Boonton strengthens its position as the peak power measurement leader with the introduction of the 4500C, its next generation Peak Power Analyzer. Designed to capture, display, analyze and characterize microwave and RF power in both the time and statistical domains, it is an ideal tool for design, verification, and troubleshooting of pulsed and noise-like signals used in commercial and military applications. These applications include radar, electronic warfare, education and research, consumer electronics and wireless communications including emerging standards such

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Booton: New Connected Power Sensor

april 12th, 2018 | | Tags:

  New Connected Power Sensor Delivers USB, LAN and PoE Connectivity Ideal for High Throughput Manufacturing Test Environments Boonton has begun shipping the new CPS2000 series of True Average Connected Power Sensors. With USB, LAN and PoE connectivity, a robust set of drivers, and best-in-class measurement speed, the CPS2000 series was designed to simplify integration and shorten test times in manufacturing and ATE environments.  As RF and wireless technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous there is pressure to drive down the cost of test for next generation devices in areas such as

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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Boonton Electronics for Its Global Product Leadership in Radio Frequency Power Meters

november 13th, 2017 | | Tags:

Boonton’s RF USB power meters offer customers cost-effective, compact, and easy-to-use solutions for capturing and analyzing RF signals. Based on its recent analysis of the radio frequency (RF) test and measurement (T&M) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Boonton Electronics with the 2017 Global Product Leadership Award for its high-performance RF power meters and USB power sensors. Part of the US publicly traded company Wireless Telecom Group (NYSE:WTT), Boonton Electronics (Boonton) offers RF power meters and sensors, modulation analyzers, and audio analyzers, and serves primarily the military-aerospace (mil-aero) and medical imaging

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USB Power Sensor Line extended: Introduction of New Real-Time Power Sensors

september 22nd, 2016 | | Tags:

  Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE: WTT), has introduced the new RTP4000 series of Real-Time True Average Power sensors. These sensors deliver a dynamic range from -60 dBm to +20 dBm, a frequency range down to 6 kHz and an industry leading measurement rate of 100,000 measurements per second.  Built with Boonton’s Real-Time Power ProcessingTM technology which eliminates gaps in acquisition and provides zero measurement latency, RTP4000 sensors deliver lightning-fast performance in a compact USB form factor.  The True Average capabilities of these sensors enable accurate capture and

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Wideband USB Power Sensor – Fast Measurement Mode

juni 9th, 2016 | | Tags:

  55 Series USB Peak Power Sensor Gains Fast Measurement Mode to Accompany 195 MHz Video Bandwidth, 3 ns Rise Time Performance Leadership Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company, has added a new fast measurement mode to the 55 Series USB wideband power sensor adding to its industry leading 100,000 measurements per second capabilities.  This new measurement mode unleashes the power of the Real-Time Power Processing architecture by analyzing a signal as it is being captured and quantifying user defined events such as a series of pulses, bursts, or time

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Boonton 55 Series USB Peak Power Sensor’s Statistical Analysis Tool

september 2nd, 2015 | | Tags:

  Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE: WTT), features a Statistical Analysis Tool in a USB form factor with the 55 Series Wideband USB peak power sensors. The Statistical Analysis Tool enables crest factor measurement which is a figure of merit measurement for characterizing RF amplifier performance when driven by challenging wideband high crest factor signals used in modern communication systems. Clipping of the rare occurring peaks can cause BER and system performance degradation as well as increased spurious emissions raising compliance issues. The 55006 model has industry leading

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The 55 Series USB Power Sensor used by MiCom labs improves cloud based compliance test solutions for WiFi 802.11ac MIMO Devices

juli 2nd, 2015 | | Tags:

    Boonton – The 55 Series USB Power Sensor used by MiCom labs, a full compliance service provider, improves cloud based compliance test solutions for WiFi 802.11ac MIMO Devices. Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE: WTT), has helped MiCom labs decrease regulatory compliance costs and testing time with the 55 Series USB Power sensor with Real-Time Power ProcessingTM technology.By developing the MiTestTM System, an automated cloud based test system and test methodology MiCom has enabled end-to-end automation of conducted regulatory compliance testing using Boonton’s 55 Series USB sensor.

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55 Series Radar and Communications Testing

november 3rd, 2014 | | Tags:

  This Video will highlight why Boonton Electronics retains its leadership position in the RF Power measurement field. We highlight key specifications of the USB 55000 series Peak Power Sensor with Real Time Power Processing™ and why it is the best device to use for Traditional Pulsed Signals and ideal for communication signals such as LTE, WLAN and WiFi ac and beyond.   Watch it

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New Webinar – The New 55 series Boonton USB Peak Power Sensor: Never miss a pulse

maart 11th, 2014 | | Tags:

Boonton’s USB Peak Power Sensor offers the capabilities of bench top peak power meters on your laptop or tablet.  In addition to incorporating the trigger stability and waveform fidelity features of its bench top peak power meters, the 55 series features Real Time Power Processing™ available only from Boonton.  With concurrent signal acquisition and sweep processing Real Time Power Processing™  captures 40,000 triggered measurements per second, never missing a pulse and catching all the intermittent events on your pulse signal. Conventional meters make only 1000 measurements per second, missing critical

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The new Boonton 55 Series Wideband USB Power Sensors. Real-Time Power Processing™

maart 10th, 2014 | | Tags:

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA – March 20, 2013 – Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE: WTT), has added a new platform to its industry standard power meter line, the new 55 Series Wideband USB power sensors. The new line enables high performance, real-time testing of wideband signals up to 40 GHz. Boonton’s innovative Real-Time Power ProcessingTM eliminates the acquisition latency associated with traditional peak power meters and sensors, yielding lightning-fast performance in a brand new USB platform. It is ideal for laboratory or field use, for wireless and telecom

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