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Assembly Calculator Upgrade

september 22nd, 2016 | | Tags:



The popular HUBER+SUHNER RF Assembly Calculator has been updated and provides many additional features. The product portfolio has been enhanced with recently launched cable assemblies such as our brand-new SUCOFLEX series (126/229/240/329/340). On top of this, we have extended the manual calculation options. In the new version, attenuation and CW power can be calculated individually. This allows various electrical calculations apart from the HUBER+SUHNER cable portfolio.


What is new?

  • Enhanced and refreshed product portfolio with more than 320 cables (e.g. new SF series)
  • Minibend products now merged in one cable family
  • Extended calculation options such as manual attenuation and CW power calculation
  • Attenuation available in nominal and maximal values
  • Improved user friendliness due to various bug fixes