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Noisecom’s CNG-EbNo Series precision Eb/No Generator

september 2nd, 2015 | | Tags:

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Automates and Speeds up Satellite Modem BER vs. Eb/No Testing


Noisecom, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE: WTT), simplifies Satellite Modem BER vs. Eb/No testing with its family of Programmable Precision Eb/No Generators.


BER is the main indicator of transmission quality in a Satellite communication system and Eb/No is its main driver. Generating the right Eb/No ratio requires precision measurement of the desired signal power and noise power, calculating Eb, energy per bit, using the data rate and No normalized noise in 1 Hz bandwidth. Noisecom’s CNG-EbNo, a fully automated precision Eb/No generator, sets a highly accurate ratio between a user-supplied carrier and internally generated noise over a wide range of signal power levels and frequencies. A fully calibrated high dynamic range power meter allows the CNG-EbNo to set the desired Eb/No ratio to within ±0.2 dB. The CNG-EbNo gives system, design, and test engineers in the civilian and military satellite communication industries a cost-effective means of obtaining higher yield through automated testing, plus increased confidence from repeatable, accurate test results. Satellite applications include military communications, SATCOM, L-band, Milstar, Inmarsat and Intelsat. Special configurations can provide improved accuracy. Dual band units as well as custom frequencies and configurations are available.