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DTZ Doppelstock Triebzug der S-Bahn ZŸrich

Through our suppliers, we offer solutions for railways guaranteeing faultless energy and signal transmission in rolling stock. Moreover, those radio frequency components and antennas help satisfy the growing demand for in-vehicle data transmission.


In addition, the rail industry has to fulfil two major requirements. Firstly, it has to deliver increasing safety, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. Secondly, more on-board services are being installed for the traveller such as information and internet access services.

Consequently, more electronics are installed and space and weight constraints become greater. So, we provide high performance cables designed to be smaller and lighter than conventional cables coupled with safety features to protect the passenger.


We also provide RF connectors and assemblies, antenna products (in train and trackside), lightning protection solutions …

Those products are used in locomotives and traction systems, passenger rolling stock, wireless access, wireless LANs …