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Company history

ASTERION Electronics was founded in 2004.

The founder and owner of the company, Michel PIRE, followed the radio officer training for the merchant marine. This training was essentially focused on transmission systems of radio signals. The scope of those systems covered all frequencies from the Sonar (very low frequency) to the Radar (high frequency) and even to satellite transmissions (very high frequency). The knowledge of the theory and the ability to fix/repair the defect material in the different technologies were the special skills and interests of the merchant marine radio officer function.

In 1986, the radio officer function slowly disappeared because of the advent of new technologies and satellite transmissions.

Knowing that, Michel PIRE seized an opportunity to work with Ets Freddy Léger’s business. This company was the agent of several electronic components manufacturers. For the first time in Belgium, a department fully dedicated to high frequencies and microwaves had been created! The department was managed by Michel PIRE and represented the most famous brands until 1992: HUBER+SUHNER, Mini-Circuits, Miteq, Quasar, TRW, ADE … Their customers appreciated this full dedication to high frequencies and this department became a reference in Belgium.

In 1992, after Ets Freddy Léger had disappeared from the market, Michel Pire started and managed the HUBER+SUHNER Representation and Distribution office (which was the main supplier of Ets Freddy Léger) in Belgium.

HUBER+SUHNER / Belgium has been active from 1992 to 2004. HUBER+SUHNER being the owner of the office, the sole represented and distributed brand was HUBER+SUHNER.

In 2004, HUBER+SUHNER decided to create subsidiaries in large markets and to implement a distribution network within smaller markets. Michel PIRE then decided to take the activities over in his own name and created ASTERION Electronics. He became an independent distributor of several brands including HUBER+SUHNER.

With an experience of nearly 18 years in the radio and high frequency components field, continuing to work in this field was an obvious choice for Michel PIRE. Nevertheless, fiber optic also became a natural addition to the high frequency field.