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Sucoform 86 CT / EZ 86 CT, Minibend 86 CTR – Phase invariant cable assemblies

January 9th, 2017 | | Tags:



Together with the Minibend CTR, Sucoform 86 CT and EZ 86 CT (Semi Rigid) complete the offering of phase invariant cable assemblies in the diameter range of 0.086”. The products are developed for phase critical applications requiring precision electrical length connectivity. Depending on the application, there is the choice of a flexible (Minibend), a hand formable (Sucoform) or a Semi Rigid (EZ) solution.



  • No abrupt phase change over temperature (no PTFE knee at 19°C / 66°F)
  • Outstanding return loss and shielding effectiveness performance
  • Easy installation (hand formable)
  • Small bending radii



  • Increased system accuracy over temperature change
  • Stable system performance over multiple temperature cycles
  • Product reliability –¬ meeting the specified values not only at one single temperature
  • No leaking / cross talk
  • Space and time saving routing (Sucoform) and installation (EZ)


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